About us

TheKeyStore Switzerland is a Swiss company specializing in the sale of used and new software licenses for all types of computer programs. Our products are aimed at private users as well as for companies with an unbeatable best price guarantee.

Since our foundation in May 2020, we have been one of the leading companies in the German-speaking region for used and new software licenses.

Our products include, for example, operating systems and computer applications from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Kaspersky.

TheKeyStore Switzerland was founded with the aim to offer the purchase of software as easy and cheap as possible.

With us you will definitely get the best price for legal software licenses in Switzerland. We constantly check our distributors, because only official ones are allowed to supply us with their software products. Before each order, we check that the license keys are approved for the corresponding economic area, based on the location of the customer. Our business and distribution model has been confirmed by various courts, including the European Court of Justice. We sell only official and legal products.

With us you always enjoy the activation guarantee. If a license should ever not work, we replace it free of charge! You have no risk. In this case you have to fill out the form in our Service Center and upload it with a picture of the error message. You will immediately receive a new license key for immediate activation.

With us you will find a very wide, constantly growing assortment for licensed software products. We are often the first on the market in Switzerland and can offer you exclusive offers. Follow us on our social media channels so you don't miss any announcements and offers - it's worth it!

The shipping of our digital products is done in real time with the order and payment in our online store. When ordering on prepayment, shipping takes a little longer due to a manual check. Physical products are handed over to the post office for delivery on working days by 16:00. Once you have received the license key, we guarantee the respective functionality and validity. For this, free premium support of the extra class from our experts is also available.